Tubes and Spotlights

Nafa Lights worldwide reputation has undoubtedly been built upon the success of the "Original" meat display tubes. As a natural progression, further tubes were developed for a variety of other specific food groups, as well as for general and background lighting.

"Gold" – a warm golden light for breads, baked products, pies, and cheese.

"Skylight" – 50% more light for fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, as well as sandwiches, snacks and other brightly coloured packs.

"Sunlight" – general ceiling and background lighting for shops, offices, printing works and medical establishments giving a colour reproduction 1A Ra96.

"Flash" – an alternative to the “Original” meat lighting tube giving a more eye catching effect.

"Mark IV" – a subtle light suited best to patisserie, chocolate and fresh cream products .

Our range of tubes is available safety coated with a bonded heat shrink sleeve, that retains all powders and glass fragments in the event of shattering.

Also available, a range of E27 screw in spotlights and floodlights.

E27 spotlights
meat display tubes meat lighting tubes e27 spotlights meat lighting tubes e27 spotlights meat lighting tubes e27 spotlights

meat display tubes natural colour lightin

E27 spotlights natural colour lighting E27 spotlights E27 Spotlights
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